Once upon a time ...

The word "saith" means seven in Welsh and legend has it that once upon a time, a king of Ireland had seven troublesome daughters. After having tried in vain to instil some element of control over the seven princesses the king finally lost his patience and ordered his daughters to be cast adrift in an open boat.

The currents of the Irish Sea bore the craft towards the coast of Ceredigion where it beached at Tresaith. In due course the seven princesses fell in love with the sons of seven local Welsh families, married and settled down.

This is one explanation of why the settlement is called "Tresaith" - the town of seven!

It is quite possible that these seven local farmers as a way of showing their love, had carved love spoons as has been a Welsh tradition for many years.

The custom of carving and giving Welsh Lovespoons originated in Wales hundreds of years ago. The young lover would give a special, more personal gift to the object of their desire, the Welsh Love Spoon. The tradition is now spreading quickly around the world as people look for a momento of their stay in Wales or a truly special way of celebrating a Wedding, Anniversary, Engagement, Birthday or just to say Thank You.

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